About Me

Hi there, I see you’ve stumbled upon a page that’s supposed to tell you more about me. Fair warning, I’ve never been remarkable at talking about myself, but I don’t think anyone really is. Here we go.

I’m currently finishing up my senior year at Muhlenberg College, majoring in Media & Communication, with double minors in Creative Writing and Political Science. I am a manager for the club ice hockey team, an announcer for various sports, and the managing editor of The Muhlenberg Weekly.

I took Introduction to Innovation & Entrepreneurship in my last semester at Muhlenberg with hopes of gaining valuable insight into that world. As an aspiring journalist, I knew learning some of the ins and outs of entrepreneurship would be helpful to understanding the process of freelancing – the way most journalists operate now.

This blog is a combination of a class assignment and my passion for sports. Adaptive sports is an often overlooked field with a lot of unlocked potentials, and this blog hopes to detail how possible entrepreneurs could tap into that.

Each sport has different components that make it unique from the other forms of adaptive sports. One thing remains the same in most and that is how to start up a non-profit for adaptive sports.